Sweden is facing significant challenges where the social services play a central role. By enhancing knowledge in this area, we can create a more robust and supportive structure that provides real benefits for people in need of social services. To achieve this, Forte has been running the ten-year programme Applied Welfare Research since 2017.

In several areas of social services, there is a lack of scientifically supported knowledge. There is often uncertainty about which assessment methods and interventions are most effective, and which should be avoided. Such knowledge is crucial for our society to prioritize and use its limited resources optimally for the benefit of those in need of support. Sometimes, scientific knowledge exists, but it is not fully implemented in practical operations because it has not been sufficiently disseminated.

To meet the knowledge needs, Forte is conducting this research initiative. The goals of the program are:

  • Build up high-quality practice- and client-oriented research that can be used in social services to develop and improve both operations and the living situations and conditions of service users.
  • Increase the proportion of professionals in social services with a research education so that their expertise can contribute to knowledge development in social services.
  • Increase collaboration between researchers, professionals, service users, and relatives in research to increase the relevance and quality of research and contribute to the dissemination and implementation of new knowledge.

Seminar Series

Events Forte organizes recurring seminars on the effectiveness evaluations of interventions within the operational areas of social services. We do this in collaboration with the National Board of Health and Welfare and SBU. Learn more about what's happening and sign up - it's, of course, free of charge! (In Swedish.)


Calls Forte regularly conducts calls for proposals to enhance the knowledge base within social services. Here you can read about current, upcoming, and previous calls for proposals within the programme.

Funded Research

Reading Forte has so far allocated just under 800 million SEK for research within the framework of the programme.

News within the Programme

News Here we have gathered Forte's news, articles, publications, and calls for proposals within the programme.

Reports and Publications

Reading Forte has produced several reports and publications within the field of social services as part of the programme.

Strategic Research Agenda

Report The research agenda clarifies the program's vision and goals, strategies and approaches, as well as research areas and needs.

Midterm Evaluation

Reading Forte runs three national research programs, of which Applied Welfare Research is one. In 2022, a midterm evaluation of two of these was conducted, and you can read the results here. (In Swedish.)

Programme Committee and Advisory Board

Information Forte has appointed a program committee and an advisory group to support Forte in its work with the program. Here you can see which organizations and individuals are involved.