Forte has appointed a programme committee and an advisory board to the national programme for applied welfare research, which in various ways supports Forte in working with the programme. On this page you can see the organizations and members included in the groups.

Programme Committee

Forte has established a programme committee with representatives from the Swedish Research Council and Formas. The Committee assist Forte in the implementation of the program.

The programme committee includes:

  • Teresia Weinberg, Programme Manager, Applied Welfare Research (Convener)


  • Johan Söderlind, Assistant Programme Manager, Applied Welfare Research


  • Maria Nilsson, Head of Unit for Register-based Research

    Swedish Research Council

  • Katarina Buhr, Senior Research Officer


Advisory Board

The advisory board contributes, among other things, with knowledge of the conditions and needs of social services and users, as well as knowledge of the research area. Forte is the convener of the group.

The advisory board includes: 

  • Conny Allaskog, Member of the board

    The Swedish Partnership for Mental Health (NSPH)

  • Camilla Blomqvist, District Director

    Norra Hisingen, Gothenburg

  • Mike Fisher, Professor of Evidence-Based Social Work

    University of Bedfordshire, UK

  • Ilse Julkunen, Professor of practice research in social work

    University of Helsinki, Finland

  • Åsa Wassbäck, Administrative Officer

    Department for health and social care, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR)

  • Johanna Kumlin, Head of Department

    The National Board of Health and Welfare

  • Truls Neubeck

    Swedish Outdoor Association

  • Terje Ogden, Senior Researcher

    The Norwegian Center for Child Behavioral Development (NUBU), Norway

  • Knut Sundell, Senior Advisor for Social Affairs, Associate professor,

    Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services (SBU)

  • Camilla Svenonius, Project manager Brukarkraft