Forte is a government agency with approximately 30 employees across three departments. Our work is led by a board with full authority and the Director General, Jonas Björck, as head of the agency.

The board

Forte’s board has the ultimate responsibility in all decisions concerning Forte’s operations. The board consists of a chairperson and 12 board members and has a three-year mandate period.

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The administration department provides advisory and coordinating support to the Director General. Forte’s Secretary General, with responsibility for Forte’s scientific operations, is included in the department. The responsibilities of the administration department include human resources, financial planning and accounting, procurement as well as contractual and office services. The department also has the responsibility to manage and develop Forte’s overall operations.


The department for communication is responsible for all internal and external communications related to Forte’s operations and the research we fund. The department aims for active dialogue and collaboration within our areas of responsibility and to contribute to the dissemination of research findings in order to benefit society.

Research and Evaluation

The research and evaluation department is responsible for issuing calls for proposals of research funding, international cooperation, and reviewing and identifying research needs in Forte’s areas of responsibility. It also includes administrative processes and procedures related to preparation and monitoring to ensure an effective, transparent and legally sound process.

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