Programme grants should in general submit a progress report when half time is reached (after 3 years). The following information shall be reported in the form. Other types of progress reporting outside Prisma may occur.

The programme’s research activities (max 10 000 characters)

Describe the programme’s research activities until now. This also includes:

  • National research exchange
  • International research exchange
  • Dissemination of knowledge (which also includes dissemination of knowledge outside the scientific community)
  • Collaboration with stakeholders outside the scientific community in planning process and/or through the programme
  • Aim of collaboration (for example contribute to scientific result, contribute to societal needs and utilisation)

Also comment on how the programme has followed the plans regarding:

  • Costs (yes/no)
  • Feasibility (yes/no)
  • Any deviations (please describe if the programme, in any aspects, does not follow the plan) – max 2 000 characters

Plans for further activities within the programme (max 10 000 characters)

Describe the plans for forthcoming activities within the programme. This also includes present research tasks and plans for recruitment.

Publications (max 20 000 characters)

List publications that the research group has produced within the framework of the programme. Specify the publications under two different headlines: Published results and Ongoing and planned publications.

General information

Project participant information

Provide the following information per participant (if relevant to the grant):

  • First and last name
  • Gender
  • Role in the project
  • Year of doctoral degree (not mandatory)
  • Dissertation within the project (not mandatory)
  • Area of expertise
  • Employment category
  • Organisation

SCB codes (three levels)

In order to facilitate future analysis of research funded by all Swedish research funding agencies, all grants are classified according to Statistics Sweden’s standard. Select research topic in three levels.