Below you find the research that have been funded within the National Programme on Working Life Research in 2020. All links below lead to the Swecris database. The database enables you to search, compare and produce statistics for Swedish research projects.

Syntheses of working life research 2020

This call welcomes applications for grants for research reviews and grants for research focus and development.

Funded projects

To create inclusion in working life – a literature review

The emergence of low-wage jobs in the Swedish labor market – A systematic review of the competing research perspectives

Health and Morbidity among People in Paid Work after the Standard Retirement Age: A Systematic Review

Leadership that facilitates employees´ learning and competence development

Remote working as a sustainable working environment

Working hours, health and safety – how should sustainable working hours for shift workers be organized?

Leadership that facilitates health and wellbeing during digitalized distance work

Working conditions of eldercare workers: A knowledge base and future research agenda

Neigbourhood nursing: working life beyond hospitals

The importance of development, support and control practices for good working conditions. Research on meta practices in Swedish schools

Preventing workplace violence

Towards a sustainable working life in social services – conclusion and future looks

Gender, work and technology in male dominated organisations. Conclusions from the mining sector

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The call “Syntheses of working life research 2020”

Granted applications within the call “Syntheses of working life research 2020”