Eligibility varies between different types of grants and between different calls for proposals. A basic requirement, however, is that the main applicant must have a doctoral degree and be employed by an organisation that is approved by Forte as an administrating organisation. Information about the eligibility criteria for a specific call and/or grant type can be found on the call’s web page on Forte.se.

Requirements for different types of participants

Administrating organisation

The administrating organisation is the Swedish organisation where the project leader is employed and which receives the funds disbursed by Forte. To be approved as an administrating organisation, the organisation needs to meet certain criteria and create an organisation account in Prisma.

Most of Forte’s grant forms are aimed at individuals. However, there are special grants that can only be applied for by organisations. One example of such a grant is graduate schools. Calls for applications from organisations are only visible to persons who are logged in via an organisation account in Prisma.

Forte’s criteria for administrating organisations »
Prisma’s user manual for organisation accounts

Main applicant

The main applicant serves as the project leader and is scientifically responsible for the project. The main applicant must have a doctoral degree and a personal account in Prisma. As the main applicant, you are not required to be employed by the administrating organisation at the time of application, but you must be employed by the administrating organisation throughout the entire project period. The employment level should at least correspond to the time allocated for the project (activity level). The activity level should be adapted to the assignment throughout the entire grant period.

Participating researchers

Participating researchers are other researchers whose involvement will be crucial for the implementation of the planned research. As a participating researcher, you do not need to be employed by the administrating organisation. Participating researchers must have a doctoral degree and a personal account in Prisma. Participating researchers are invited to the application by the main applicant and are then required to provide necessary information in Prisma and transfer it to the application themselves.

Other participants

In addition to participating researchers, it is also possible to include other participants in the project and apply for salary funds for them. These participants do not necessarily need to be researchers; they can include anyone essential for the project’s implementation. This also means they do not need to have a doctoral degree or their own accounts in Prisma. Other participants may, but are not required to, be named. Their roles and contributions to the project are further described in the application. This category may include any doctoral students who are expected to participate in the project.

Eligibility requirements for specific grant types

Career age and deductible time

Some of Forte’s grants carry special requirements regarding career age, for example starting grants. This entails restrictions on how much time may have passed since you completed your doctoral degree. However, in some cases it is possible to apply for an exemption from this requirement by invoking so-called deductible time.

Grounds for deductible time »