Eligibility varies between the different types of grants and between different calls for proposals. A basic requirement, however, is that the main applicant has a doctoral degree and is affiliated with an organisation that is approved by Forte as an administrating organisation. Information about the eligibility criteria for a specific call and/or grant type can be found on the call’s web page at Forte.se.

Administrating organisation

The administrating organisation is where the main applicant is employed and the organisation that receives the funds from Forte. To be approved as an administrating organisation, there are certain criteria that must be met. The organisation must also create an organisation account in Prisma.

Forte’s criteria for administrating organisations »
Prisma’s user manual for organisation accounts

Participating researchers

Everyone who is included in the application as a participating researcher (with their own accounts in Prisma) must have a doctoral degree. However, it is still possible to include personnel without doctoral degrees in the project and apply for funding for their salary costs.

Deductible time

Some grant types have certain requirements regarding career length, for example postdoc grants and junior researcher grants. In these cases, it is possible to apply for an exemption due to deductible time. The deductible time should have occurred after the doctoral degree was completed.

Acceptable reasons for deductible time are parental leave, work as labour union or student union representative, military service or illness (personal illness or care for an ill relative). Note that we do not accept other employment, unemployment, or vacation as deductible time.

Calls for organisations

Most of Forte’s grants are directed at individuals. However, there are special grants that can only be applied for by organisations. An example of such a grant is programmes of PhD studies. Organisational calls are only visible to holders of organisation accounts in Prisma.