At Forte, you get an important and meaningful job. Of course, we also offer secure employment conditions, collective agreements, and attractive benefits.

A job that makes a difference

The research that Forte funds today forms the scientific basis for the more equitable and socially sustainable society of tomorrow. Here, you work on issues that are of great significance to society and people’s lives. Most of Forte’s employees collaborate with researchers and other stakeholders in both Sweden and other countries.

Freedom with responsibility

We understand that balancing everyday life can sometimes be challenging. That’s one of the reasons why we offer great flexibility in how you organise your work.

At Forte, we have non-regulated working hours. This means that we focus on the results rather than the number of hours worked. As an employee, you have a significant personal responsibility for your tasks and how you manage your working hours.

You have the opportunity to work from home or another remote location for up to two days a week.

Great benefits and secure conditions

There are many advantages to working at Forte. For example, you receive an annual wellness allowance of SEK 4,000, 28–35 vacation days per year, and a salary based on your work and performance.

If you have children, we offer additional compensation during your parental leave. If you fall ill, we supplement the sickness benefit you receive from the Social Insurance Agency. As an employee at Forte, you also enjoy discounted lunches through the meal benefit Rikskortet.