In order to increase collaboration and Swedish participation in the European arena, Forte participates in various research programmes, committees, projects and networks. Read more about our European collaboration below.

Horizon 2020 – the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

Horizon 2020 is the EU framework programme for research and innovation. It is the world’s largest research and innovation initiative with a total budget of around € 80 billion. Forte is a member of the Swedish organisation for Horizon 2020 and participates in two programme committees. The objectives of Forte’s involvement in Horizon 2020 are to bring Swedish priorities into the framework programme, to stimulate Swedish research in the international arena and to promote an international research exchange.

COFAS – A unique programme for internationalisation

Forte’s International Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme (COFAS) is a programme that will create opportunities for collaboration and exchange of knowledge between researchers and institutions in different countries. The program makes it easier for researchers to work across borders, by providing financial support for research in other countries. COFAS is supported by the Marie Sklodowska-Curie programme under the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Development (FP7).

Joint programming – An initiative within the European Research Area (ERA)

Joint Programming is an initiative to contribute to the European Research Area (ERA) – a Europe in which scientific knowledge, technology and researchers circulate freely. To realise ERA, there is a system of scientific research programmes and activities which promotes free circulation and consolidation of the scientific resources of the EU member countries.

The Joint Programming initiative gives EU member countries a collective force to face some of the societal challenges of today. Together, the member countries develop and lead joint research strategies and implement initiatives in selected strategic areas.

Forte is involved in two initiatives within the Joint Programming initiative:

Joint Programme More Years Better Lives (JPI MYBL) – Research into the challenges and opportunities arising from a growing proportion of older people in our population.

Joint Programme Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) – Research aimed at identifying the causes of neurodegenerative diseases, developing cures and identifying types of care for patients.

Initiatives for research infrastructure

To ensure that European research is of a high quality and can meet the needs of society, there needs to be material to base research on. Providing support for research infrastructure within our areas of responsibility forms an important aspect of Forte’s international work. We work to promote research infrastructure in Europe through participation in:

LIS Cross-National Data Center – A non-profit organisation that operates a comparative international database with information on income relationships in different countries. The database will help Europe to better understand the variations in income between countries.

Council for Research Infrastructures– A council within the Swedish Research Council that works to increase international collaboration on research infrastructure.

Associations to strengthen European research

Forte is a member of two associations which work to strengthen European research and facilitate cooperation between different research actors. These are:

Science Europe – An association of research funding bodies and research performing organisations in Europe.

European Science Foundation (ESF) – An organisation for cooperation between several European research councils and academies.