Research and innovation play an important role in our opportunities to achieve Agenda 2030. Forte’s research areas are central to a socially sustainable development, and address several of the major societal challenges that need to be addressed for Sweden to contribute to both the goals in Agenda 2030 and national goals set up in our areas that point in the same direction as the agenda.

Agenda 2030 is a framework for sustainable development adopted by UN member states in 2015. By joining forces around 17 global goals, the countries must by 2030 have eradicated poverty and hunger, realized human rights for all, achieved equality and created lasting protection for the planet and our natural resources.

Forte works according to the overall idea for the implementation of Agenda 2030 that the Swedish Parliament has adopted:

Sweden will implement Agenda 2030 for an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable development through a coherent policy nationally and internationally. The implementation shall be characterized by the agenda’s principle that no one shall be left behind.

How Forte contributes to Agenda 2030

Forte has been commissioned by the government to contribute to the Swedish implementation of Agenda 2030, above all the goals concerning the social and economic dimensions. To contribute to the implementation, Forte funds research that is relevant in relation to Agenda 2030 as well as national goals and strategies regarding, among other things, public health, sustainable working life and gender equality. Forte communicates results and creates dialogue with relevant users of the knowledge in policy and practice.

Forte’s ambition is for the agenda to be an integral part of our operations, and used as a tool in our regular processes as well as in our national and international collaborations. We work continuously to plan, implement and follow up our efforts with Agenda 2030 in mind. This applies, for example, to our research programs, various calls and knowledge overviews.

Another part of our contribution to the agenda is to increase the utilization of funded research. In 2022, we conducted a pilot call for impact of research, where funded programmes and projects from a selection of previous calls could apply for funding for activities that would contribute to solutions to challenges in society. The projects would address societal challenges within Forte’s main areas and contribute to the Swedish implementation of Agenda 2030.

We also collaborate with other authorities and actors through, among others, GD-Forum, Mötesplats Social Hållbarhet and Rådet för styrning med kunskap (RSK) to strengthen both our own and the joint Swedish contribution to the implementation of the agenda. For reporting the contribution to the agenda and relevant national goals in our areas, we develop indicators and documentation of our efforts.

We report how we contribute to Agenda 2030 in our annual report.