The periodic financial report is an annual report for applications received through Prisma. The last periodic report will be final (after the end of the grant availability period).

The following applies to both this periodic reporting and the final financial reporting to Forte. The financial report shall be reported by the administrating organisation. The project leader approves (or declines) the report before it is forwarded to Forte.

Funds received

Report the funds disbursed from Forte for the current grant. In the periodic reports, report funds per year. In the final report, report the total amount.

Funds disbursed (direct and indirect costs)

Report the direct and indirect costs for the current grant from Forte. Please note that if part of the grant is transferred these costs should also be reported, divided by the categories below.

Direct costs

  • Salaries including social fees etc. (project leader, PhD students, other research personnel, technical/administrative personnel)
  • Running costs (Open Access publication costs1, travel costs, materials2, other costs)
  • Depreciation quipment3
  • Premises

Indirect costs

Report indirect costs.

Total funds used

Direct costs in total, indirect costs in total.

Comments (max 1 500 characters)

Any additional comments to Forte concerning this report.


(1) Refers to the cost of author fee, often referred to as APC, which is charged by either a subscription-based journal that requires a fee to publish the article open access, or the fee charged by an open access journal. Fees to book publishers who offer open access publishing of books at a specified cost, are also included.

(2) Refers to equipment and other research material that is not a fixed asset, such as chemicals, literature, software.

(3) What should be reported is the annual depreciation, not the acquisition cost. Costs for directly depreciated consumption inventory (such as computer, telephone, etc.) are not reported as depreciation but as Operating costs/Other costs.