Below you find the research that have been funded within the National Programme on Working Life Research in 2021. All links below lead to the Swecris database. The database enables you to search, compare and produce statistics for Swedish research projects.

Challenges in working life 2021

For the period 2021–2027, Forte has allocated SEK 200 million for research on the challenges in working life.

Funded research

The Intervention CAN-Work-S: Facilitating Work Participation among Cancer Survivors During their Entire Professional Career

A sustainable working life for all – challenges and future opportunities

Local labor market programs – Challenges of and for an inclusive labor market

Women in science and technology: career impediments and the child penalty

Structural change: consequences and policy responses

Balanced and Sustainable working life of the future- Models and methods for developing and supporting sustainable health throughout life

Strategies for improved work longevity from an employer- and employee perspective

Understanding and advancing labor market integration in transitional times

Men in focus – exploring homosocial cultures in organizations and developing methods to prevent sexual harassment

Swedish labour mobility lab: structural change and mobility frictions on regional labour markets

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The call “Challenges in working life 2021”

Granted applications within the call “Challenges in working life 2021”


Green transition and working life 2021

SEK 60 million has been allocated for the call for the period 2021–2023.

Funded research

Blue-green transformations of small-scale fisheries – Fishers’ perspectives

Workers as Agents of a Green and Just Transition. A real-life experiment in Sweden and Spain

Life and labour in industy climate transitions

GreenMetalWaste: Sustainable work environment for recycling with a focus on metals

Farm work: a survey of work processes, segmentation patterns and sustainability visions in Swedish farm-based production

Business models, policies, and partnerships for sustainable working life: circular initiatives in the textile and construction industries

Changing places of work: a place-based approach for re-imagining work in fossil free industrial towns of the future

Green transition and impacts on industrial labor demand

Working life in green transition: A roadmap to meet challenges in the repair and reuse of electrical and electronic equipment

On the road to a better future? – A just transition for workers in the Swedish transport sector

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The call “Green transition and working life 2021”

Granted applications within the call “Green transition and working life 2021”