• Create a Prisma account

    Prisma is the joint application system for Forte, Formas and the Swedish Research Council. Through a single account in Prisma, you can manage your applications with all three research councils.

    All researchers participating in an application must create their own personal account in Prisma. In the account, you add information regarding your education, your work experience and the publications you need to apply for funding. You can then link this information to various applications, regardless of which research council is responsible for the call. You can continuously update your application up until the deadline.

    Your organisation must also have an account

    In order to submit an application, the organisation that will administer the funds must also have an organisation account in Prisma. In order to open an organisation account, the organisation must be an approved administrating organisation.

  • Fill out your application

    In order to submit an application, you fill out the application form in Prisma linked to the call and the grant type that you are interested in. Instructions on how to fill out the form can be found on the page relating to the call on forte.se. They are also available in Prisma. Remember that the application form and the instructions differ between calls and between grant types.

    You create your application under the tab Applications and grants in Prisma. Click on “Apply” next to the call you are interested in.

    Remember to invite any participating researchers to join your application in good time. Do this under the tab “Participants” in your application. You cannot register the application until all participating researchers have accepted your invitation.

    If you need help

    The Prisma user manual contains descriptions and guides for most of the steps in creating your application. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact Prisma’s technical support.

  • Register your application

    Click on “Register” in order to register your application. You can always unregister your application and keep making changes as long as the call remains open. Remember to re-register when you have finished. When the call closes, your application will be finally registered and assigned a reference number.

    Your administrating organisation must sign the application

    When the call is closed, your application is automatically sent to an authorised representative of the administrating organisation, who needs to sign the application in Prisma. They must sign within seven days in order for your application to proceed in the preparatory process. Once the application has been signed, you will receive an e-mail. You can also see the application status in Prisma.

  • Assessment and decision

    When you have submitted your application to Forte, it is sent to one of our review panels for assessment. The review panels consist of researchers and community representatives within Forte’s areas of research: health, working life and welfare. Based on their assessment, Forte’s board or director general will make a decision regarding which applications to approve.

    When the decision has been made, you will be notified via e-mail. You can find information regarding the decision in your Prisma account. A list of approved projects will also be published on the page Grant decisions at forte.se.