Forte is led by a board with full responsibility. The board consists of a chairperson and twelve members with a three-year term of office.

Seven members are elected by representatives of the scientific communitcy, through a so-called electoral assembly. The chairperson and four members are appointed by the Government. Forte’s Director General is also a member of the board.

The board of Forte for the period 2019–2021

  • Chairperson

  • Joakim Palme

    Professor of political science, Uppsala University

  • Members

  • Joa Bergold

    Research Officer, LO

  • Catarina Eklundh

    Acting Director General, the Swedish Social Insurance Inspectorate

  • Christine Gustafsson

    Associate professor in caring sciences, Mälardalen University

  • Agneta Herlitz

    Professor of Psychology, Karolinska Institutet

  • Tiny Jaarsma

    Professor in caring sciences, Linköping University

  • Kristina Jakobsson

    Professor in Environmental Medicine, University of Gothenburg

  • Urban Lindgren

    Professor in Human Geography, Umeå University

  • Anna Meeuwisse

    Professor in social work, Lund University

  • Claes Möller

    Professor in Medical Disability Research, Örebro University

  • Louise Stjernberg

    Region Blekinge

  • PeO Öberg

    Professor in Political Science, Uppsala University

  • Jonas Björck

    Director General, Forte