The board of Forte has full responsibility. It consists of the chairperson and 12 members. Seven members are elected by the scientific community. The chairperson and four members representing the public interest are appointed by the Government. Fortes Director General is also a member.

The board of Forte for the period 2019–2021

  • Chairperson

  • Joakim Palme

    Professor of political science, Uppsala University

  • Members

  • Joa Bergold

    Research Officer, LO

  • Catarina Eklundh

    Acting Director General, the Swedish Social Insurance Inspectorate

  • Christine Gustafsson

    Associate professor in caring sciences, Mälardalen University

  • Agneta Herlitz

    Professor of Psychology, Karolinska Institutet

  • Tiny Jaarsma

    Professor in caring sciences, Linköping University

  • Kristina Jakobsson

    Professor in Environmental Medicine, University of Gothenburg

  • Urban Lindgren

    Professor in Human Geography, Umeå University

  • Anna Meeuwisse

    Professor in social work, Lund University

  • Claes Möller

    Professor in Medical Disability Research, Örebro University

  • Louise Stjernberg

    Region Blekinge

  • PeO Öberg

    Professor in Political Science, Uppsala University

  • Ethel Forsberg

    Director General, Forte