The health and care systems of Europe are under a lot of strain and need to transform to be able to respond to people’s future needs. As a Swedish partner, Forte has a special responsibility to coordinate and help develop the partnership program: Transforming Health and Care Systems. Within the progamme two calls has so far been launched.

The European partnership on Transforming Health and Care Systems (THCS) has been established as a European Joint Program within the EU’s framework programme for research and innovation, Horizon Europe. Forte is a Swedish partner, with special responsibility to coordinate and help develop the partnership program. The aim of THCS is to generate new knowledge and create a common learning experience to develop health and care systems in Europe, thus contributing to better care for all citizens.

– THCS funds research and innovation projects and supports knowledge- and evidence-based solutions, says Staffan Arvidsson, Senior Research Officer at Forte and expert in “cluster 1”, the health cluster within Horizon Europe.

The frist call within the partnership was announced in March 2023 and the second in February 2024. The calls are intended to fill knowledge gaps and support innovative solutions for organizing the health and care systems of the future. Their focus is preventive and individualized care, including remote care.

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