Researchers and organisations with grants from Forte are required to submit a number of reports via Prisma. On this page, you can read about the different types of reports, and where you can turn for more information.

For all grants from Forte you are required to submit certain reports via Prisma. What requirements apply to your specific grant are stated on the Approval of Terms, which is signed by the researcher and the administrative organisation. Information and dates regarding the reporting periods are published in Prisma some time after the grant decision. The information is available on the researcher’s account as well as the account of the administrating organisation in the Prisma portal.

The forms are normally made available three months before the deadline for reporting.

Types of reports

The reports listed below may be requested, depending on the type of grant.

Financial – periodic

The financial report is an annual report for applications submitted via Prisma from 2015 and later. The last periodic report becomes final (after the end date for the project).

Financial – final

This final financial report is only required for applications that were submitted through Forte’s previous application and review system, eKlara.

Financial outcome 2018

For all grants where the application was submitted via eKlara, Forte will request financial reports in other ways than through Prisma, regarding outcomes until 31 December 2018. This will also be requested in coming years.

The reporting for Forte’s grants to PhD studies (organisation applications) will also be managed using separate forms until further notice.

Progress report (called “Scientific report” in Prisma)

Three-year project grants (or longer) should submit a progress report no later than 15 months after the start of the project period.

Programme grants should submit a progress report no later than 32 months after the start of the project period (before decisions on granting the next three-year period).

Scientific – final

Required for all types of grants.

More information

The PDF file “Contents of Forte’s reporting forms 2019” describes which information is requested in the forms for the different types of reports. How to report via Prisma is described in the Prisma user manual: