Below you will find the research that have been funded within the area of elderly and ageing in 2021. All links below lead to the Swecris database. The database enables you to search, compare and produce statistics for Swedish research projects.

Cooperation between health and care providers 2021

In total, around SEK 70 million is reserved for the period 2021-2024.

Funded research

The meaning of continuity of care – Elderly people´s perspective

Digitalized Non-pharmacological Interventions for People with Dementia: Reviewing Scandinavian and International Contexts

Risk factors for infection in older adults who receive home healthcare and/or home help: a systematic review

How can different care providing agencies within elder care collaborate and coordinate health- and care services for older people living with dementia?

Preventing functional decline in acutely hospitalized older adults – effect and process evaluation of a transitional care intervention (PREV FUNC study)

Cooperation capacity and quality in ageing: A longitudinal study of integrated care

Re@home – Evaluation of home rehabilitation for older people: A realist evaluation design

MISU, a digital tool for improving nursing home care of persons diagnosed with BPSD (Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia): A mixed method development and evaluation

Coordination of care after discharge in a complex healthcare landscape – today’s situation and a possible way forward

How is care organized for younger people with dementia? Types of support, measures, and satisfaction among people with young onset dementia and their families

Senior alert – a means for better care in cooperation

Navigators of the support system – how older people understand, negotiate and coordinate home care and other forms of support in their everyday lives

Trajectories of care needs and care transitions after age 60: the interplay between individuals’ frailty, their environment, and personal perspectives

Implementation and evaluation of a coordinated care transition focusing on understanding of health information for older people with stroke

Understanding the complex and progressive care needs of older adults with cognitive disorders to provide timely and personalized care delivery

Complex problems demand complex solutions – governance, diffusion and implementation of multidisciplinary teams for elderly with complex needs

In the wake of Covid-19: How can the structure and quality of health and social care for older people with complex care needs in Sweden be improved?

Combining informal caregiving and paid work: effects on labour force participation

Collaboration for preventive self-care in home-dwelling older adults

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