Forte views international research collaborations positively. Forte’s areas of research cover complex societal challenges where international research collaboration and researcher mobility can provide important contributions.

Forte’s grants may be used to finance research where certain parts are carried out in other countries. However, the research must be initiated, led from and mainly carried out in Sweden or be a part of international collaborative research (unless otherwise stated in the call text). The research must also be relevant to Sweden and Swedish conditions, and this must be explained and justified in the application. Defense and security policy aspects must always be taken into account in international research collabortation.

Applications involving international collaboration are assessed against the same criteria as other research applications and by the same review panels.

The grant from Forte may be used by the administrating organisation to cover costs for foreign personnel or activities and services performed in other countries.

It is the main applicant’s responsibility to find out how their administrating organisation views being responsible for research where some parts are carried out in other countries and to find suitable collaboration procedures in each specific case.