When applying for a Forte grant, you must report information about your previous experiences, such as educational and professional history as well as other merits. When changing the project leader for an already granted project, the same standard limitations apply as for a new application.

When you have submitted a request for change of project leader, the new intended project leader must compile their CV and publication details in a PDF file. Send the document to forte@forte.se. Please provide the grant reference number in the email.

Standard limitations for CV and publication details

When compiling your CV and publication details, you should limit the list to those that are most relevant for your application. The following standard limitations apply (maximum number) for main applicants/project leaders. Exceptions may apply for certain grant types or calls for applications.

Educational history

  • 2 research educations
  • 2 basic educations

Professional history

  • 3 employments
  • 3 post-doctoral assignments
  • 3 research exchange assignments
  • 3 interruptions in research


  • 10 publications

Merits and awards

  • 3 associate professorships
  • 10 supervised persons (5 for participating researchers)
  • 5 research grants awarded in competition (3 for participating researchers)
  • 3 awards and distinctions
  • 3 other merits

Intellectual property

  • 3 intellectual properties