Forte carries out several long-term initiatives and strategic collaborations. Many of these are conducted in collaboration with other funding agencies and organisations.

National Research Programmes

The Swedish Government established seven national research programmes in the 2016 national research proposal. The programmes are ten-year initiatives that will contribute to solving prioritised societal challenges and strengthening collaborations between those performing the research, those funding the research and stakeholders in society. Forte is responsible for two of the programmes, Applied Welfare Research and Working Life Research.

Forte centres

Forte supports a number of research centres through centre grants, at present thirteen. They constitute a type of funding with a higher annual amount and longer duration and are restricted to the most prominent research environments.


Forte is a partner of the Vinnvård Research Programme. Vinnvård supports research projects and researchers that want to increase collaboration between healthcare, social care, research and industry, to make sure research gets into practice. The programme, which started in 2006, covers a total of 150 MSEK, 20 research projects, a fellowship programme and PhD Courses.