Forte carries out several long-term initiatives and strategic collaborations. Many of these are conducted in collaboration with other funding agencies and organisations.

National Research Programmes

Forte is commissioned by the Swedish Government to implement three national research programmes. The programmes are ten-year initiatives that will contribute to solving prioritised societal challenges and strengthening collaborations between those performing the research, those funding the research and stakeholders in society.

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Domestic Violence and Honor-Related Violence

In August 2021, Forte was given a special government assignment to map research on men’s violence against women, domestic violence and honor-related violence and opression. The assignment is part of the government’s package of measures to strengthen preventive work and combat men’s violence against women.

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Prevention and Public Health

In 2020, Forte was commissioned by the Swedish government to initiate a long-term investment in research on prevention and public health. The initiative is linked to the overall direction of public health policy adopted by the Swedish parliament. The political goal is to create societal conditions for good and equal health in the entire population, and to close the health gaps within a generation.

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The Quality, Organisation and Processes of Welfare

In the 2016 research proposal, Forte was commissioned to carry through a specific initiative on the quality, organisation and processes of welfare. The initiative aims at providing a scientifically substantiated knowledge base about the organisation and governance of health care and social services.

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