The aims with Fortes involvement in the framework programme Horizon Europe is primarily to stimulate Swedish research on the European arena and strengthen international knowledge exchange. We are involved in two clusters within the overarching pillar ‘Global challenges and European industrial competitiveness’.  


Research within cluster 1; Health, aims to better understand and manage health-related issues and diseases, including health risks and infections, and deliver an integrated and equal health care across Europe. That includes to develop a sustainable digital transformation of European healthcare systems with cross-border, secure and ethical data management as well as reliable supply chains. The cluster’s objective includes maintaining an innovative, sustainable and globally competitive health industry.

Within the cluster, Forte has a special responsibility, as a Swedish partner, to help develop a planned upcoming partnership program, Transforming Health and Care Systems (THCS). The partnership program aims to generate new knowledge and create joint learning to develop the health care systems in Europe, thereby contributing to better care for all citizens. 
In March 2023 THCS launched its first Joint Transnational Call for proposals on Healthcare of the Future »

Forte’s contact persons for cluster 1:
Staffan Arvidsson, expert,
Aiga Giangiacomo, NCP,

Culture, creativity and inclusive society

Research within Cluster 2; Culture, creativity and inclusive society should contribute to strengthening democratic governance, protect and promote cultural heritage, find ways to support the development of cultural and creative industries and find solutions to contemporary multifaceted challenges linked to social, economic, technological and cultural changes. Migration and integration are examples of priority areas. Within this cluster there are many questions that are relevant to Forte. The social dimension of sustainability is central, as are issues related to the consequences of the covid pandemic and the restructuring of working life.

Forte’s contact persons for cluster 2:
Martina Johansson, expert,
Emilie Löfgren-Jarl, NCP,

Forte is also involved in a number of projects and networks linked to Horizon Europe and the previous framework programme, Horizon 2020.