Once you have submitted your application it is handed over to Forte’s review panels and external experts for assessment. Based on their assessment, Forte’s board and staff make the final decisions on which applications will be granted.

Assessment by leading researchers and experts

Scientific assessment panels assess and review the research applications submitted to Forte. The panels are made up of leading researchers and representatives from our areas of responsibility including health, working life and welfare. The panels also include community representatives to ensure public interest and social relevance in research funding. The panel that assesses your application will depend on the current call and the subject of the research. Scientific panels make their assessment based on both the scientific quality of the applications and their societal relevance.

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Final decision by Forte’s board and Director General

With help of the review panel’s assessment, Forte’s board and office make the final decision on which applications will be granted. For larger grants, such as Research Project Grants, Postdoc Grants and Programme Grants, it is Forte’s board that makes the final decision. For smaller grants such as Visiting Researcher Grants, Publication Grants and Network and Conference grants, the decision is usually delegated to our Director General. Forte’s decisions cannot be appealed.

Quality assurance

Forte works actively to ensure that our research funding always goes to the best research within our areas of responsibility. All of Forte’s processes, from application to decisions, are designed with quality in mind.

To ensure that out assessment process is as objective as possible, Forte has a conflict of interest policy in place for the board, review panels and external experts. A person who according to the policy is in conflict may not be present at the assessment or decision of the applicable application.

Forte’s conflict of interest policy (PDF)