A substantial part of Forte’s research funding is administered through the annual call for project grants. This page gives you an overview of the panels that assess applications within the call. For other calls for proposals, applications are assessed by specially appointed review panels.

Applications within the annual call for project grants are assessed by several different panels with different focus areas. Each panel is composed of senior researchers from a variety of relevant disciplines, with representation from other Nordic countries. The panels also include community representatives to ensure public interest and social relevance in research funding.

The panels are headed by an external chairperson and a senior research officer from Forte.

Panels within Health

The research area includes studies on the prevalence of diseases, factors increasing or decreasing the potential of health and healthy living, as well as measures to change the occurrence or effect of such factors. This includes research on health promotion and disease prevention, as well as studies on rehabilitation and nursing, health care processes and systems.

We welcome intervention studies in the field of healthcare research, but clinical treatment studies and biomedical basic research are not included in Forte’s field of research.

There are three review panels within health:

Panels within Working life

One of the challenges for the future is to better understand the Swedish labour market, risks and possibilities linked to the physical and psychological work environment and organisation and management of work to achieve a sustainable working life.

Analyses of environmental exposure that can not be clearly linked to health effects or working life are not included in Forte’s field of research.

There are three review panels within working life:

Panels within Welfare

Sweden has a well-established welfare system that today faces several challenges. Research is crucial in meeting these challenges and working for a continuously improved welfare. Within the welfare research field we fund research on social relation within and between different social groups, social care as well as social policy and social insurance objectives, laws and institutions.

There are three review panels within welfare: