Every year, Forte distributes around SEK 800 million to both basic and needs-driven research. This ranges from individual project grants to larger efforts to build world-class research environments. On this page, you can learn more about how our funding works.

Calls and grants

Financing from Forte is sought in open competition. When it is possible to apply for a grant, we publish a call for proposals on our website. Some calls are annual, while others are carried out after a special decision or as part of a long-term initiative. On the page Future calls for proposals, we announce calls that will open shortly.

Forte funds research through a number of different types of grants. Some of these are intended to strengthen research environments in the long-term, others aim to promote the career development and knowledge exchange of researchers.

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Who can apply?

Eligibility varies between the different types of grants and between different calls for proposals. A basic requirement, however, is that the main applicant has a PhD. In addition, you must be affiliated with a Swedish organisation that is approved by Forte as an administrating organisation. Information about the eligibility criteria for a specific call and/or grant type can be found on the call’s web page at Forte.se.

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The application process

To apply for funding from Forte, you need to use our application system Prisma. Prisma is the joint application system for Forte, Formas and the Swedish Research Council. Through a single account in Prisma, you can manage your applications with all three research councils. Instructions for each individual call are found on the call’s page at forte.se.

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Assessment and final decision

When you have submitted your application to Forte, it is sent to one of our review panels for assessment. The review panels consist of leading researchers and community representatives in our areas: health, working life and welfare. Based on their assessment, Forte’s board or Director General will decide which applications to grant funding.

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