Forte funds research through a number of different types of grants, divided into five support forms. Some of these are intended to strengthen research environments in the long-term, others aim to promote the career development and knowledge exchange of researchers.

On this page, you will find some brief information about our support forms and grant types. Under Open calls you can see which calls are open right now.

Project support

Project Grant

The majority of Forte’s funding is distributed through project grants. These are usually two to three years in lenght, and should contribute to increased knowledge of an identified issue. The grant amounts may vary between calls. In 2020, the average grant amount was SEK 4.1 million.

Grant for Research Reviews

Grants for research reviews are used within the national programme for applied welfare research. The grant gives opportunity to identify current knowledge and research needs within a well-defined topic of relevance to social services interventions and activities, which benefit from initiatives from several scientific areas or disciplines. The grant covers SEK 1 million over one year.

Research environment support

Programme Grant

Forte offers programme grants in order to strengthen and promote the expansion of research environments within areas that are prioritised by Forte. Programme grants enable research groups to address new issues and work with them over a longer period of time.

Research Center Grant

Grants for research centers are intended to support building or strengthening research environments for long-term knowledge building and competence development in strategic areas. The grant provides long-term support, usually over a 10-year period. The aim of the grant is to enable research environments to be developed, renewed and stabilized by attracting additional funding from other sources. No future calls for research centre grants are currently planned.

Research School Grant

The research school grant was established within the national programme for applied welfare research.  The grant is awarded to one or more higher education institutions to establish a cohesive doctoral programme.  The course programmes should be intended to build up or strengthen a research area. The education leads to a doctoral or licentiate degree. The studies can be conducted on a full- or part-time basis. The grant is aimed at organisations, and cannot be applied for by individuals.

Career support

Starting grant

The starting grant aims to support skills and career development and to promote researcher mobility. Junior researchers can apply for a starting grant to conduct their own research project, lasting up to three years. You may apply up to three years after receiving your doctoral degree, based on the closing date of the call for proposals.

Collaboration support

Impact grant

The impact grant aims to enable activities that enhance the impact of an existing research project or research programme. Forte uses ‘impact’ as a collective term for activities carried out to make knowledge and research results available to society and put them to use.

Network Grant

The purpose of the network grant is to facilitate collaboration between researchers within Forte’s areas of responsibility, across different disciplines and different parts of Sweden. Grants are awarded for a maximum of three years.

Conference Grant

Conference grants are financial support for conferences hosted by a Swedish institution of higher education or scientific/scholarly organisation. Applications for conference grants are assessed on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

Practice-oriented research fellow

The grant for practice-oriented research fellows are used within Forte’s national programme for applied welfare research. The grant gives persons with a PhD, working with social services issues outside of the academy, the opportunity to carry out research and translate their research experience into practice. The applicant must have the opportunity to conduct research on a part-time basis. The purpose of the grant is to promote the link between research and social services practice as well as the translation of research experience into practice, thus promoting continuous development and improvement work. The grant covers SEK 500,000 for three years, which is intended to cover the cost of a half-time salary.

Organisational and infrastructure support

Planning Grant

Planning grants provide the opportunity to prepare for major research projects, establish collaborations with among others various research disciplines, practice and users including the possibility to launch a pilot study. The planning grants cover SEK 1 million for one year.

Journal Grant

The purpose of Forte’s journal grants is to support scientific discussion and publication and to promote the dissemination of scientific information within Forte’s areas of responsibility and coordination. Publishing grants are awarded for a maximum of three years.