Forte’s vision and goals set the strategic direction for Forte’s work. The goals are tied to Forte’s overall mission and governance documents. Together, they lay the foundation for achieving Forte’s vision.

Our vision

The research that Forte funds today forms the scientific basis for the more equitable and socially sustainable society of tomorrow.

Our goals

Forte initiates and funds research that makes a difference for society and people’s lives

Forte’s mission in relation to health, working life and welfare concerns knowledge development in areas that are crucial to people’s daily lives and that at the same time represent key elements of Swedish welfare. To meet society’s needs for knowledge, the research Forte funds must fill important knowledge gaps. Forte therefore needs to focus continuously on ensuring that the research we initiate and fund is highly relevant so that it contributes to good health, sustainable working life and a high level of welfare for everyone in Swedish society.

Forte initiates and funds research of high scientific quality

Scientific quality in research is essential if the results of the research are to be reliable, relevant, and usable. Key aspects of scientific quality are that the issues are clear and well-anchored in the current state of knowledge, the method is rigorous and designed to be able to answer the questions, and that the research is innovative and advances the state of knowledge. Research of high quality has to be pursued independently but is also promoted by open dialogue with other actors in society. Forte works strategically to ensure that the research we initiate and fund is open, independent and of high quality.

Forte is actively involved in national and global knowledge building

Society constantly faces challenges. We have lived with some of these for a long time, while others are new and may lead to rapid and revolutionary changes in society. Citizens, decision-makers and other social actors often demand research that can describe, explain and solve problems. However, there is not always a need for more research, but rather existing knowledge being put to use. Forte is an important participant in efforts to meet the need for knowledge. By prioritising, funding and providing access to research of high quality and relevance, Forte is actively involved in national and global knowledge building. This is a step towards developing a socially sustainable society.

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