The financial report is an annual report for applications submitted via Prisma. The last periodic report becomes final (after the end date of the availability period). The following information shall be reported in the form:

In the final financial report, you must also (in addition to the information in the annual report) account for unspent funds and funds to repay.

Unspent funds must be returned to Forte in conjunction with the final financial report.

If unspent funds exceed half a base amount, the entire sum must be repaid to Forte, bank giro 5185-3703. Clearly state the registration number of the grant and that the payment concerns unspent funds.

If unspent funds are less than half a base amount, it can be retained and used for research purposes similar to the one that the grant was intended for.

Fill in the amount of funds to repay (write a zero if no funds are to be returned).