Below you will find the research that have been funded within the area of elderly and ageing 2023. All links below lead to the Swecris database. The database enables you to search, compare and produce statistics for Swedish research projects.

Knowledge and working methods to support ageing with equality, participation and dignity 2023

In total, SEK 200 million is reserved for the period 1 July 2023 – June 2029.

Funded research

Future Well Ageing- a community-based program for prevention and interventions using welfare technology for a healthy everyday life

When the foundation for a shared life is in change: How couples living with dementia can be supported in their management of communicative and interactional problems over time

Behavioral activation for the treatment of depression in older adults. A randomised controlled multicenter trial in primary care, DepActive

Nursing homes as technological habitats – Digital technology supporting everyday citizenship, participation and dignity for nursing home residents

Suicide risks, self-harm and loneliness among older adults: the influence of medications, bereavement and dementia

Patterns of stress across the life course and their role in mental health and loneliness in older adults

Addressing mental health, involuntary loneliness and social isolation among older LGBT+ people

Old age depression: improving prevention and care by taking into account transitions across the spectrum of depressive symptoms

Meaningful conversations in the sunset years: Developing suicide preventive communication tools for productive responses to older helpline callers

Older people with dementia – do we detect them, do they receive adequate care, and what are their care trajectories? A mixed-methods project with a focus on primary care and vulnerable groups

Research programme on Ageing, Loneliness, and Mental health: understanding the connections and enabling change (REALM)

How does welfare technology contribute to safety, activity, participation, and independence within elder care?

Rethinking Environments in Dementia Care Homes (REDem)- paving the way for equality in care delivery

Welfare technology and Electronic Performance Monitoring (EPM) in Swedish elderly care

For better or worse? The up-skilling-, re-skilling- and de-skilling of work practices through welfare technology in the eldercare frontline (FRONT)

How do People with Dementia “Age in Place” in Today’s Sweden? A mixed methods study on the adaptation of social care services to the needs and preferences of care recipients and co-habiting partners

Implementation and use of GPS alarms in municipal health and social care: A work method

ASSIP-OA short psychological intervention for suicidal older adults

Promoting active ageing and participation using technology among older adults and people with Parkinson´s disease – patient, partner and health care provider perspectives

Planning out: coordination of health and social care services for older people with dementia when discharged from inpatient care

Elder abuse in nursing homes and home care in Sweden: perceptions, experiences, prevalence and prevention

Care beyond medicines – a systematic approach for high quality palliative care through the journey of dementia

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The call “Knowledge and working methods to support ageing with equality, participation and dignity 2023”

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