The scientific report must be reported by the project leader and shall include the following information. For organisation grants, it is the administrating organisation that will receive the task in Prisma.

Popular science summary* (Swedish, max 2 500 characters)

Describe in popular science terms the most important research results achieved by the project. If relevant, please also describe the social benefit and expected impacts on society resulting from the research results.

Popular science summary* (English, max 2 500 characters)

Popular science summary in English.

Project participant information

Provide the following information per participant (if relevant to the grant):

  • First and last name
  • Gender
  • Role in the project
  • Year of doctoral degree (not mandatory)
  • Dissertation within the project (not mandatory)
  • Area of expertise
  • Employment category
  • Organisation

Key words* (1-5)

Provide 1-5 keywords for your project.

SCB codes* (three levels)

In order to facilitate future analysis of research funded by all Swedish research funding agencies, all grants are classified according to Statistics Sweden’s standard. Select research topic in three levels.

Forte’s main and subareas*

Choose a suitable main subject area and a subarea for your application.

Alternative subarea

You have the option of choosing an alternative subarea for your application. This subarea can have another main subject area.

Forte’s areas of coordination

Forte is the national coordinator of research in five research areas. Choose one of the areas if they apply to your application. If none are applicable for your project, choose the option “no coordination area”.

Sustainable development goals

Classify your application according to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. You can choose a maximum of three goals. Read more about the Sustainable Development Goals »

Intellectual property

List the intellectual property that has been produced within the framework of the project/grant.

Use of research infrastructure

Describe the use of research infrastructure within the project.

Academic career* (max 2 000 characters)

Has the grant been of help to your academic career and if so, in what way? Applies only to postdoc grants.

Research questions* (max 1 500 characters)

Describe the research question/s that has been addressed by the project.

Research results* (max 4 500 characters)

Briefly describe the most important research results achieved by the project. Clarify what new knowledge your research has resulted in and whether the project’s results have been affected by any deviations from the research plan

Categorisation of results

Report and classify different types of results (not publications, intellectual property, companies) that have come directly or indirectly from your project.

Cooperation in the research process* (max 2 000 characters)

In which parts of the research process have relevant collaborative actors been involved and how has it contributed to the implementation of the research?

Relevance of the research in solving societal challenges* (max 3 000 characters)

In what way can this new knowledge help to manage/solve the societal problems that your research relates to in a better way? Give examples of how your results could be used in society.

Collaboration countries

Provide information of any collaboration countries.

Communication (max 2 000 characters)

Describe the effects of the communication activities above

Publications (max 4 000 characters)

Report project publications.

*Mandatory information to report