Forte’s fields of research include important societal issues from both a Swedish and international perspective. This is why we collaborate with organisations in many other countries. Together, we issue joint calls for proposals and launch international research initiatives. Forte also contributes to directing the investments towards areas crucial for the transformation of society in a socially sustainable direction.

We promote Swedish research in the international arena …

Forte works in several ways to promote the opportunities of Swedish researchers to collaborate internationally. We want Sweden to be an active player in European research policy, and are working continuously to improve the research infrastructure in our three areas of responsibility: health, working life and welfare. Forte works actively to create synergies between national and international initiatives.

The aims of Forte’s international work is to:

  • stimulate Swedish participation in European and international research collaboration
  • Increase the utilisation of European and international research funding to enhance national funding for research, and to
  • work to enable increased mobility for researchers

… and contribute to global sustainable development

The UN has adopted Agenda 2030 as a framework with 17 global goals that the countries of the world must achieve by the year 2030. Sweden wants to be a leader both in sustainability work and investments in research and innovation, and thus has an opportunity to take an important role in actively contributing to Agenda 2030 and the sustainability goals. By providing the opportunity for international collaborations between researchers in Sweden and other countries, Forte can contribute to enhancing knowledge that increases the pace of reaching necessary global societal challenges.

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Current projects and initiatives

Do you want to know more about Forte’s work in the international research arena? Read more on these webpages: