The grants paid out by Forte must be administrated by a Swedish organisation that meets certain criteria. The criteria apply from 1 May 2023.

Apply to become an approved administrating organisation

Applications for an approved organisation account are made in the application and case management system Prisma. Applications must be made by an authorised representative of the organisation’s administration, who will also act as the organisation’s account manager in further contacts with Forte.

In connection with the application submitted via Prisma, the organisation should also complete the form ”Provide information for application to become an administrating organisation”. The completed form should be sent to Forte’s registrar (

If your organisation wishes to be approved as an administrating organisation to apply for funding in a specific call, the application via Prisma and the completed form via email must be received by Forte no later than three weeks (21 days) before the call’s final application deadline.

An organisation can only be approved as an administrating organisation for grants from Forte if it meets the criteria for administrating organisations. In practice, this means that researchers associated with the administrating organisation in question can only apply for grants from research councils whose criteria are satisfied and that have also approved the organisation as an administrating organisation.

The decision to approve a new administrating organisation is made by Forte’s Head of Research.

Criteria for approving administrating organisations

An approved administrating organisation must:

1. Be a Swedish legal entity with a Swedish organisation registration number. There is an exception if the Forte is to pay out grants to a foreign organisation in accordance with governing documents or agreements.

2. Conduct research. Conducting research means having a documented research activity and being assessed as capable of taking on commitments in accordance with Forte’s general terms and conditions for research grants. These conditions prescribe, among other things, that a project manager must be appointed by the administrating organisation and that the administrating organisation, as an employer, is responsible for ensuring that the resources necessary for the research project can be obtained. The criterion of conducting research relates to those organisations that are recipients of research grants.

3. Conduct research that is relevant in relation to Forte’s fields of research and the focus areas of Forte’s calls. If research is not conducted within Forte’s fields today, but the intention is to do so, the organisation must account for how such research is intended to be conducted and the conditions for it.

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4. Guarantee academic freedom within the framework of its task, by means of freedom in choosing research problems, developing research methods, and publishing research results.

5. Ensure that the results of the research conducted with the support of the research councils are made freely available to other researchers as well as to public and corporate stakeholders. The requirements with respect to availability are described in greater detail in Forte’s general terms and conditions for grants.

6. An administrating organisation cannot use grants for economic activity. As a general rule, all companies are assumed to conduct economic activity. Associations and other organisations may also be included here, depending on what sort of activity they conduct.

For organisations that conduct both economic and non-economic activity, it is possible to be an administrating organisation if grants are used for the non-economic activity. Grants cannot be used for the economic activity. The accounts for the different activities must be kept separate.

Read more about the criteria for administrating organisations in Forte’s general terms and conditions for grants.