The area includes research on social work and social care in a broad sense, both within the welfare state and within civil society.

The area includes research on social services efforts and activities, organisation, methodology development and collaboration with other organizations. The research can encompass both interventions and preventive measures. Social work in health care, the educational system and other organisations, as well as research on informal care and the role of relatives are also included.

It also covers research on the interaction between citizens and social service representatives, for example individual and family care, elderly care and childcare.

Members of the review panel 2024

  • Chairperson

  • Karin Osvaldsson Cromdal

    Linköping University, Sweden

  • Members

  • Björn Johnson

    Lund University, Sweden

    Scientific reviewer

  • Lars Brännström

    Stockholm University, Sweden

    Scientific reviewer

  • Camilla Nordberg

    Åbo Academy University, Finland

    Scientific reviewer

  • Alexandru Panican

    Örebro University, Sweden

    Scientific reviewer

  • Rickard Ulmestig

    Linnaeus University, Sweden

    Scientific reviewer

  • Stina Fernqvist

    Uppsala University, Sweden

    Scientific reviewer

  • Hanne Warming

    Roskilde University, Denmark

    Scientific reviewer

  • Inger Fröman

    City of Lund, Sweden (retired)

    Community representative

  • Kjell Broström

    The Swedish Partnership for Mental Health (NSPH), Sweden

    Community representative