Forte welcomes full proposals to the Belmont Forum call “Climate, Environment and Health”. The call is open for researchers whose Expression of Interest was accepted in the first stage of the application process.

The Swedish Research Council and Forte are participating in the Belmont Forum call “Climate, environment and health”. The purpose of the call is to improve understanding of the pathways between climate, environment, and health to support readiness of the health sector to respond to climate challenges. The Belmont Forum is an international partnership that mobilizes funding of environmental change research and accelerates its delivery to remove critical barriers to sustainability.

The application process

If your Expression of Interest was approved in the first stage of the application process, you are now invited to submit a full proposal. Swedish researchers apply, in collaboration with international participants of the consortium, via the Belmont Forum Grant Operations website. However, the application must also be submitted to Forte, via Prisma. In your application, all participating researchers in Sweden should be added as co-applicants. Participating researchers in other countries are accounted for in a separate table.

Instructions for the Prisma application form can be found under the heading “More information” below. You will also find fillable templates for summarising international applicants and participating organisations.

Read more about the call at

Time plan

  • Deadline for submitting full proposal to Belmont Forum: 23 July 2019 at 16:00 GMT
  • Deadline for submitting full proposal to Forte: 13 August 2019 at 14:00 CEST