Forte is setting up a new type of grant, to enhance the impact of research. The grant aims to support activities that increase the opportunities for Forte-funded research to contribute to solutions to challenges in society within Forte’s main areas of responsibility.


The call is open to applications in all Forte’s main areas: health, working life and welfare. The aim is to help ensure that the results of research funded by Forte are put to use. The projects must address societal challenges in Forte’s main areas and contribute to the Swedish implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

The call is aimed at certain projects and programmes that have already been approved (see list below). Through the call, Forte wants to enable activities that enhance the impact of an existing research project/programme. Forte uses ‘impact’ as a collective term for activities carried out to make knowledge and research results available to society and put them to use.

Grants will not be awarded to activities included in the project plans of already approved projects, but rather to extended or new ideas that create added value. The application must explain and show how the activity can enhance the opportunities for scientific knowledge and experience to be put to use.

The application must also describe the societal needs that the impact project is intended to help meet and how this will be achieved, preferably in close dialogue/interaction with relevant target groups and community actors.

Project time and amount

Project time: Maximum of 1 year starting 1 December 2022. Grant limit: There is no maximum amount for this grant form, but a benchmark is SEK 500,000. The application must justify the budget requested and explain how the funds will be used. Forte has allocated SEK 10 million for the call.

Who can apply?

The main applicant must have obtained a doctoral degree, and be a main applicant or participating researcher in a project or programme granted funding in one of the following calls from Forte:

  • Increased Knowledge on Elderly Care 2020
  • Applied Welfare Research 2020
  • Practice-oriented Research into Mental Illness 2019
  • Applied Welfare Research 2019
  • Challenges in Working Life 2019
  • Research on Ageing and Health 2019
  • Research on functional impairment 2018
  • Research on the quality, organisation and processes of welfare 2018
  • Heath Care Science 2018

Maximum of one application per previously approved project/programme.


Applications are assessed by an internal preparation team. Funding decisions are made by Forte’s board.

Assessment criteria:

  • Relevance (What societal challenge is the project addressing? What problem does the project want to address?)
  • Impact of research (description and justification of activities, approaches, target groups and partners)
  • Added value (What added value can the activities create for a previously funded project? What potential does the project have to help solve the described societal challenge?)
  • Feasibility (skills, resources, timetable)


The call opens: 1 June

Deadline for applications: 1 September

Grant decisions: 13 October

Project start: 1 December