This is the first of two steps in the application process for Forte’s annual open call for proposals 2020. The call shall contribute to increasing the knowledge in Forte’s areas of responsibility: health, working life and welfare. In total, around SEK 300 million is reserved for the period 2022–2025.

Due to operational disturbance in the Prisma application system, the application period is extended to 9 February, 14.00.

Focus area

The annual open call is open to applications within Forte’s overall areas of responsibility: health, working life and welfare. The purpose of the call is to allow for analysis of advanced knowledge and to contribute to such knowledge in designated research areas or issues. For more detailed descriptions of the research areas that we support, see the page Review panels for the annual open call.

Grant types

Three types of grants are available within this call: project grant, postdoc grant and junior researcher grant. Information about the grant types and limitations on the number of applications allowed per person can be found in the document “Information about the call” below.

Two-step application

The application process for project and junior research grants is divided into two steps. In step 1, the applicant submits a project outline to Forte. After a consideration process, a selection of outlines will be accepted to step 2. These applicants are then welcomed to submit a full application.

Postdoc grants are applied for in a one-step process.

Time plan

9 February 2021: Final date for applications

February – April 2021: Applications are assessed by Forte’s scientific panels

20 April 2020: Based on the recommendations of Forte’s review panels, Forte’s Director General decides on which applications are to be accepted to stage 2. Stage 2 of the call opens

1 June 2020: Final date for full applications

May 2020: Forte’s board decides which applications for postdoc grants will receive funding

September/October: Forte’s board decides which applications for project grants and junior researcher grants will receive funding

1 January 2022: Project start