The three postdoc review panels assess all applications for postdoc grants received through the annual call. The research must be relevant to Forte’s overall areas of responsibility, health, working life and welfare.

Forte’s annual call for two-year postdoc grants is targeted at researchers in the beginning of their careers. The purpose of the grant is support skills and career development and promote researcher mobility. The grant can be applied for up to two years after completing a doctoral degree and corresponds to a full-time salary.

On the page Fields of research, you can read more about the kind of research that is covered by Forte’s areas of responsibility, health, working life and welfare.

Members of the review panels for the call 2022

  • Health

  • Chairperson

  • Johan Fritzell

    Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

  • Members

  • Johanna Ulfvarsson

    The Swedish nurse association (Svensk sjuksköterskeförening), Sweden

  • Ylva Brännström Almquist

    Stockholm University, Sweden

  • Tea Lallukka

    University of Helsinki, Finland

  • Janne Schurmann Tolstrup

    University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

  • Marja Aartsen

    Oslo Metropolitan university, Norway

  • Kristian Bolin

    University of Gothenburg, Sverige

  • Lars Sandman

    Linköpings University, Sverige

  • Petra Löfstedt

    Public Health Agency of Sweden, Sweden

  • Per Carlbring

    Stockholm University, Sweden

  • Working life

  • Chairperson

  • Calle Rosengren

    Lund University, Sweden

  • Members

  • Mimmi Diamant

    The Swedish Pensions Agency, Sweden

  • Thomas Bredgaard

    Centre for Labour Market Research (CARMA), Aalborg University, Denmark

  • Petra Lindfors

    Stockholm University, Sweden

  • Ulrika Hektor

    Vision, Sweden

  • Martin Berg

    Malmö University, Sweden

  • Daniela Andrén

    Örebro University, Sweden

  • Mehdi Ghazinour

    Umeå University, Sweden

  • Welfare

  • Chairperson

  • Maria Wolmesjö

    University of Borås, Sweden

  • Members

  • Eva Marie Rigné

    Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, Sweden

  • Maria Montefusco

    The Swedish Agency for Participation, Sweden

  • Olavi Kangas

    University of Turku, Finland

  • Alexandru Panican

    School of Social Work, Lund University, Sweden

  • Erica Righard

    Malmö University, Sweden

  • Peter Skogman Thoursie

    Stockholm University, Sweden

  • Magnus Karlsson

    Marie Cederschiöld University, Sweden