Sweden is facing several major challenges where research and innovation in Forte’s areas can make a difference to society and in people’s lives. These challenges are sustainable social and welfare systems, future working life, good health, and equal living conditions. Forte therefore proposes a number of research initiatives that will contribute to strengthening society’s long-term social sustainability.


Investing in knowledge that promotes an equal and socially sustainable society. This is the starting point in Forte’s contribution to the government’s research policy. This is a short version of the report in Swedish, were Forte has analyzed the major societal challenges and research needs in our areas. Research contributes to increasing our understanding of various phenomena and problems in society, but also how these can be handled and solved.

In the areas of health, working life and welfare, more research is needed on our welfare systems, on governance, management and organisation, as well as the accessibility and person-centredness of healthcare. More knowledge is needed about preventive work and early interventions in schools, elderly care and social services to reduce physical and mental ill-health, social problems and inequality. How the living conditions of individuals and groups develop, and more equal living conditions throughout life are other examples of research needs. Likewise are the consequences of digitisation and welfare technology for people, working life and the welfare system, as well as knowledge that can contribute to managing the future shortage of labor in certain sectors.

Need for new initiatives

New research initiatives are proposed that deal with conditions in childhood, women’s health and illnesses, integrated care, and violence in close relationships. In addition, Forte wants ongoing investments in the areas of mental health, the elderly, prevention and public health, working life and applied welfare research to continue and in some cases be strengthened.

In order for research to be able to contribute to understanding and dealing with important challenges, it must maintain a high scientific quality and at the same time be relevant to society and to the actors and groups that the research affects. In order to strengthen the quality and relevance of research, Forte makes a number of recommendations for the future Swedish research policy.

One such is the need for different types of research initiatives, both thematically broad calls within Forte’s areas and long-term initiatives aimed at overall complex challenges. Niche investments against specific research needs are also needed. A recommendation is also to strengthen activities that contribute to collaboration, implementation and utilisation of research results.

Forte’s contribution to the government’s research policy was submitted to the government on 31 October 2023.