The annual call for proposals for project grants shall contribute to increasing the knowledge in Forte’s areas of responsibility: Health, Working life, and Welfare. In total, around SEK 300 million is reserved for the period 2023–2025.

Focus area

The annual call for project grants is open to applications within Forte’s overall areas of responsibility: health, working life and welfare. The purpose of the call is to allow for analysis of advanced knowledge and to contribute to such knowledge in designated research areas or issues. The research that receives funding shall be of high academic quality and have good potential to benefit society in the short or long term. For more detailed descriptions of the research areas that we support, see the page Review panels for the annual call for project grants.

About the grant

Grant type: Project grant

Grant limit: Maximum SEK 5 million for three-year projects and SEK 3 million for two-year projects.

Eligibility requirements: Applicant must have completed a doctoral degree no later than the date of the call closing.


You may only submit one (1) application as the main applicant, but you can be a co-applicant for several. You may not be the main applicant for an application in this call if you, by the deadline of the call, have an already ongoing project grant from Forte. A grant is considered to be ongoing during the project period (grant period). You may apply in this call during the availability period of your grant, provided that the project period has ended. This restriction applies regardless of the call in which the funding was granted (with the exception of international collaboration calls).

The restriction applies only to the grant type project grants. If you are a project leader with ongoing programme grants, junior researcher grants, network grants or other types of grants you can apply to this call.

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The application process

The application process for Forte’s annual call for projects grants is handled in a one-step process. By the application deadline, on 3 February, a full application must have been submitted to Forte.

Time plan

The call opens: 2 December 2021 10:00 CET
Deadline for applications: 3 February 2022 14:00 CET
Forte’s board decides on funding: October 2022
Decisions are published: October 2022
Project start: 1 January 2023