In view of the covid-19 pandemic, Forte is now welcoming proposals for research that can respond to the challenges within elderly care. In total, around SEK 6 million is reserved for 2020.

Sustainable health and welfare systems are central to societal preparedness and the capability to properly deal with challenges, as the ongoing covid-19 pandemic has clearly shown. One area that has been particularly in focus is social care for the elderly population. The problems within elderly care are likely to be found at the system, organisational and practical training level, plus will also vary between municipalities.

In order to adequately deal with this, there is both a need for new knowledge and that the knowledge currently available will be put to good use. Forte is therefore announcing a call for research that can respond to the challenges within social care for the elderly population.

The call for proposals is made within the framework of the 10-year National Programme on Applied Welfare Research. The programme’s focus, as well as identified needs, are described in the Strategic Research Agenda.

Grant types

Two types of grants are offered within this call: project grant and grants for systematic reviews. Please note that it is only permitted to submit a maximum of one application per grant type, regardless of whether the applicant is the main applicant or co-applicant.

Project grant

Project grants are grants for individual research projects. Project grants are given for new research or for the development of previous/ongoing research. The project can, for example, focus on utilization of research results, either in practice or policy and governance. Research projects must be based on the issues and needs of the profession and users/clients. In this call, project grants are awarded for one year, with a maximum budget of SEK 1 million.

Grants for systematic reviews

The systematic reviews grants aim to summarise the state of knowledge and the need for research in well-defined issues with relevance to the focus of the call. The systematic review grant is given to literature reviews of different character, such as systematic reviews of the effects of different interventions, scoping or mapping reviews, or other types. In this call, grants for systematic reviews are awarded for one year, with a maximum budget of SEX 1 million.

The administering organisation must have an account

To be able to apply for a grant, a Swedish university or another research funding body must administrate the funding and have an organisational account in Prisma. The administering organisation should apply for this in due time via Prisma.

Forte’s criteria for administering organisations »

Time plan

1 October 2020 at 14:00: The call closes

November 2020: Forte’s board decides on funding

1 December 2020: Project start