The grant relates to financial support for holding conferences hosted by a Swedish institution of higher education or scientific/scholarly organisation. The financial support is intended for national conferences held in Sweden, which are however encouraged to have international elements.

The intention with the call is to facilitate contacts and exchange of experience between Swedish and foreign researchers, to add knowledge from the international research community to Swedish research, and to contribute to the dissemination of Swedish research internationally.

Grant limit

The maximum grant amount is SEK 300,000.

Who can apply?

NB! Forte changes back to conference grants being applied for by an individual researcher, not through the organisation (administrating organisation).

All applications are submitted through the Prisma application and review system. Before writing your application, make sure the following conditions are met:

  • You have created a personal account in Prisma.
  • Your administrating organisation has an organisational account in Prisma and has been approved as an administrating organisation at Forte. Read more about Forte’s criteria for administrating organisations: Forte’s criteria for administering organisations »

Time plan

The call opens: 15 Juni 2023 10.00 CET

The call closes: 14 September 2023 14.00 CET

Forte decides on funding: 13 November 2023

Project start: 1 January 2024