In April, Forte will launch a funding call focusing on income and livelihoods for equitable health. This call aligns with Forte’s ongoing commitment to long-term investments in research on prevention and public health. A total of 50 million SEK will be allocated for the years 2024–2027.

Fortes initiative is based on the overarching goal of the Swedish public health policy, which aims to create societal conditions for good and equal health across the entire population, and to close avoidable health gaps within a generation. The policy also comprises eight target areas in which interventions are particularly important for achieving the goal. They highlight the importance to focus the social determinants of health and a life-course perspective.

Focus of the call

The purpose of the call is to enhance understanding of how governance, legislation, coordination, and policy development can be shaped and implemented to support good and equitable health, health promotion and disease prevention.

The call primarily focuses on target area four of the public health policy, which addresses income and livelihoods. However, research questions and projects related to how knowledge, education and working life impact on income and livelihoods are also relevant (i.e., target area two on knowledge, skills, and education/training, as well as target area three on work, working conditions, and work environment).

The call specifically requests research on measures for equitable health with the aim to

  • enhance people’s ability to influence their economic situation and generate economic resources

  • support people when their economic resources are insufficient.

The projects may choose to focus on either one of the type of measures, or both. The results should provide insights into how such measures can be designed and implemented to prevent illness or promote health. Projects that contribute such knowledge, particularly regarding groups in vulnerable situations with limited economic resources, are considered especially relevant.

About the grant

In this call, you can apply for funding for three-year or four-year project grants for the years 2024–2027. The maximum amount that can be applied for is 5 million SEK for three-year projects or 7 million SEK for four-year projects.


Call opens: April 17, 2024, at 10:00

Call closes: June 12, 2024, at 14:00

Please note that details regarding the call may be subject to change. Final information will be published when the call opens.