This is the English summary of the report “Newly arrived child migrants and the Swedish arrival structure – Interviews about the autumn of 2015 and a literature review”. The report focusses on the Swedish reception of newly arrived child migrants during the autumn of 2015.

The autumn of 2015 saw a significant increase in the number of asylum seekers in Sweden and increased pressure on the arrival structure as a result. Many of the asylum seekers were children, who came unaccompanied or with their families. When children seek asylum in Sweden, with or without their parents, they face a complex arrival structure comprised of a range of different organisations from all sectors of society including public, societal and private.

This report aims to highlight the arrival structure for newly arrived children with a particular focus on the autumn of 2015. The overall aim is to identify problems and challenges that arose within and between the different sectors involved in the reception of newly arrived child migrants. Furthermore, the report highlights the consequences of this for the children.

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