In late February 2018, Forte will open the first call for proposals from the ten-year national research programme on applied welfare. The call welcomes applications for project grants, postdoc grants, and grants for part-time research positions for professionals in the social services with a doctorate degree.

The call comprises client and practice oriented research, including intervention research, in the social services field. You can apply for the following grants:

  • Project grants (3 years)
  • Postdoc grants (2 years)
  • Grants for practice oriented part-time research positions (3 years)

This funding aims to promote long-term knowledge building and development within the social services field. The research should be of high quality and relevance, and preferably include interdisciplinary collaborations between researchers. The grant for practice oriented research positions offers professionals in the social services with a doctorate degree the opportunity to conduct research on a part-time basis. The grant intends to strengthen the ties between research and practice, and to provide useful research experience to practitioners.

Forte has allocated approximately SEK 30 million for this call, which is estimated to close in mid-April 2018. More information about the call and comprehensive instructions for applicants will be published on this website when the call opens.

In addition, the national research programme on applied welfare will open a call for PhD studies during 2018.