In the end of May 2018, Forte will open a call for funding for a special effort into research on welfare governance, quality, organisation and processes. The aim of the initiative is to provide a scientifically substantiated knowledge base on organising and managing health and social services.

The call relates to the financing of three-year projects, and is the second step in a special effort that was presented in the 2016 national research proposal.

This call focuses mainly on the macro-meso perspective in the investigation of prerequisites for trust-based management, knowledge-based management, and the inclusion of employees and patients/users’ skills and experiences.

The research should be carried out in close collaboration with authorities, profession, and users in the welfare sector. Financed projects should also consider ongoing work on the development of operational management in the welfare sector. Examples on such work are Tillitsdelegationens work on trust-based management and SKL:s (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) work within political directives and management systems.

Further details on the grant terms and applications forms etc. will be published on when the call for proposals opens.