How can more people stay active and healthy in old age? How are mental problems prevented in older persons? And how can health care be improved for older persons with complex needs? In December, Forte will open a call for research that will provide new knowledge about health in older persons.

The Swedish population is growing older. This puts strain on health care, age services and the whole welfare system. Promoting good health, even in old age, is important for both for individuals and society. In December, Forte announces SEK 38 million for research on ageing and health. The research should provide knowledge within three specific areas:

  • research that can contribute to the promotion of active and healthy ageing in older persons
  • research on the prevention of mental ill-health in older persons
  • research on health care for older persons with complex needs

The call for proposals will include two types of grants, project grants and postdoc grants, and will be open from mid-December 2018 to early February 2019. More information about the call for proposals, as well as instructions for applying, will be published on when the call opens.