What is the best way to cater for Ukrainian refugees arriving in the Nordic countries? A new report from NordForsk provides research-led best practice from Nordic and British scholars.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has resulted in the biggest refugee crisis in Europe since World War Two. Millions have crossed Ukraine’s borders into neighboring countries in the west, and many will continue through Europe to get to their final destination in one of the Nordic countries.

NordForsks’ report: Ukrainian
refugees and
the Nordics

Since 2020, NordForsk has funded seven international research projects on migration and integration with researchers from all the Nordic countries and the UK. In a brand-new report, researchers from these projects present results and analysis which could help us better understand the needs of Ukrainian refugees.

The articles in the report are based on results from a research programme on migration that Forte is part of, called; Joint Nordic-UK research programme on Migration and Integration

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