Conference grants are financial support for conferences hosted by a Swedish institution of higher education or scientific/scholarly organisation. Applications for conference grants are assessed on an ongoing basis.

Focus area

The grant relates to financial support for holding conferences hosted by a Swedish institution of higher education or scientific/scholarly organisation. The financial support is primarily intended for national conferences held in Sweden, which are however encouraged to have international elements. The intention is to facilitate contacts and exchange of experience between Swedish and foreign researchers, to add knowledge from the international research community to Swedish research, and to contribute to the dissemination of Swedish research internationally.

Grant limit

The maximum grant amount is SEK 300,000. In total, SEK 3 million is reserved annually by Forte for this call for applications.

Who can apply?

This is an organisational call for applications. The application is initiated by the individual responsible for the organisational account in the Prisma application and review system. The initiator of the application can then invite a project leader appointed by the administrating organisation to help fill in the contents of the application.

The administrating organisation must have an account

To be able to apply for a grant, a Swedish university or another research funding body must administrate the funding and have an organisational account in Prisma. The administering organisation should apply for this in due time via Prisma.

Forte’s criteria for administering organisations »

Time plan

You can apply for conference grants at any time of the year. Applications are assessed on an ongoing basis as received. The call opens 1 October 2021 regarding funding for 2022, and closes 26 October 2022 (Changed date).