From 2023, Forte is introducing a new grant type – starting grant – which will replace the national and international postdoc grants. The starting grant will be offered within an annual open call for proposals, starting 24 January 2023.

In order to increase flexibility and better meet the needs of junior researchers, Forte is now introducing a new grant type – starting grant. The starting grant is aimed at researchers in the beginning of their research career, with the purpose of promoting establishment and independence in research. The new grant type will replace the national and international postdoc grants and has the same target group.

Grant type

Junior researchers can apply for a starting grant to conduct their own research project, lasting up to three years. In contrast to the postdoc grant, which had a fixed amount and was intended for a full-time position, the starting grant is flexible both in terms of budget and the level of dedicated time. You can apply for a maximum of SEK 1,25 million per year, and your dedicated time for the project must be at least 50 percent of full time.

The flexible grant type allows you to combine your grant with participation in other projects, teaching, or other work. However, the funding from Forte may only be used for costs regarding project described in the application.

For this grant, you apply alone and cannot invite participating researchers. However, a portion of the budget may be used to finance salary costs for other personnel, such as PhD students or statisticians.

The project can be conducted at a Swedish organisation or higher education institute, or at an organisation in another country. Please note, however, that you must be affiliated to an approved administrating organisation in Sweden.


You may apply for a starting grant up to three years after receiving your doctoral degree, based on the closing date of the call for proposals. In some cases, it is possible to apply for an exemption from this requirement. Grounds for exemption is, for example, parental leave or sick leave. Read more about deductible time and grounds for exemption on the page Who can apply for a grant?.

Conditions for applying

In order to apply for a starting grant, you must be affiliated with an approved administrating organisation. If you are a visiting researcher, it is therefore important that you establish necessary contacts in due time to ensure that the administrating organisation can receive you and your project. The same applies if you plan to carry out the project outside of Sweden. The Swedish administrating organisation must be prepared to administer the project funds. When applying, you are required to submit certificates from and information about your intended host institution. Read more in Forte’s general terms and conditions »

Time plan

The first annual call for starting grants opens 24 January 2023 and will close in the end of March. Funding decisions are made in the summer of 2023. The project period starts on 1 January 2024.

More information about this call will be available early 2023.