Den 8-10 mars anordnar Arbetets museum konferensen ”Long-term global perspectives on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace – Policy and Practice”.

In 2017 sexual harassment of women was in the news all over the world. The #me-too movement published testimonies of sexual harassment in the workplace. Groups of women organized successfully along sectoral and occupational lines. We know that sexual harassment in the workplace is probably as old as wage work and groups of harassed workers and labor organisations have developed different strategies to end and limit this.

As we often spend the largest part of our everyday lives at work, safe work environments are crucial. Sexual harassment in the workplace is on the agenda, with the International Labour Organization (ILO) currently working on a convention against violence and sexual harassment. In some occupations and sectors, such as the hotel and restaurant sector or the care sector, sexual harassment has been more common than in other occupations and there are differences between countries in terms of prevalence of workplace abuse.

This interdisciplinary conference aims to bring together scholars from all over the world to assemble knowledge about ways of preventing and tackling sexual harassment.

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