We now announce a call for proposals for a special effort into research on welfare governance, quality, organisation and processes. The call aims at providing a scientifically substantiated knowledge base on organising and managing health and social services.

Focus area

This is the second call in a special effort from the Swedish Government’s 2016 research proposal. The initiative is made in the light of the ongoing discussion about new forms of governance in the welfare sector and the identified need to develop them. Within the framework of the funding initiative, grants will be awarded to projects that studies and analyses developments in local and regional systems for managing quality, organisation and processes.

The research should be carried out in close collaboration with authorities, profession, and users in the welfare sector. Financed projects should also consider ongoing work on the development of operational management in the welfare sector. Examples on such work are Tillitsdelegationens work on trust-based management and SKL:s (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) work within political directives and management systems.

Key areas identified by Forte include:

  • How political governance is translated and adapted to local and regional contexts
  • How operational management can be designed to take into account both trust and the need for measurement and follow-up
  • Roles in the management of quality, organisation and processes of welfare

Applications may combine multiple areas from a cross-disciplinary or multidisciplinary perspective. Alternative and innovative approaches are also welcomed. An equality perspective should be considered in the application.

More information about the call and application process can be found in the files attached below.

The call at a glance

Type of grant: Project grants

Grant length: 3 years

Project start: November 2018

Who can apply: Those who hold a PhD degree and are connected to an approved administrative organisation

Budget framework: 30 million SEK has been allocated over a three-year period

Grant amount: Maximum of 5 million SEK over a three-year period

Deadline of the call: 22th of August 2018 at 14:00 CET

Grant decision: Mid October 2018