Forte welcomes proposals regarding research on functional impairment. A total of SEK 50 million has been allocated for the call for proposals. Three types of grants are offered: project grant, junior researcher grant and postdoc grant.

Focus area

This call for proposals shall contribute to increased and deeper knowledge of obstacles to, and solutions for, improving the increased participation of people with disabilities in society. The research should be planned in collaboration with the relevant target groups, i.e. interested professions and user organisations.

Areas that are encouraged within the call are, for example…

  • methods and measures for increasing the participation and active citizenship of people with disabilities
  • ways of implementing and monitoring the UN’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CPRD)
  • understanding the various mechanisms that, in various contexts, lead to the exclusion and inequality of people with disabilities
  • innovative use of new technology and development of new methods in the public sector
  • challenges and obstacles in connection with digitisation and technical development
  • comparative research
  • success factors for increased inclusion in various areas of a society
  • children and elderly people with disabilities and understanding of different conditions in different phases of life

Grant types

Three types of grants are offered within this call for proposals. A maximum of one application per grant type and project leader is allowed.

Project grant

Project grants within this call will be granted for two or three years. All researchers who have obtained a PhD before the application deadline are eligible to apply. You may apply for up to SEK 5 million for a three-year project, and up to SEK 3 million for a two-year project.

Junior researcher grant

The junior researcher grant is a project grant aimed at junior researchers. The grant covers four years. You may apply for up to SEK 5 million for the first three years. The fourth year has a fixed amount of SEK 1 million. You are eligible to apply for a junior researcher grant within this call if you obtained a PhD sometime between 1 January 2013 and 15 November 2018.

Postdoc grant

The purpose of the postdoc grants is to give recently graduated researchers the possibility to continue their research career after obtaining their PhD. The grant covers two years and has a fixed amount of SEK 1 million per year. You are eligible to apply for a postdoc grant within this call if you obtained a PhD sometime between the 1 January 2016 and the 15 November 2018. The subject of the applicant’s PhD thesis should fall within Forte’s areas of responsibility.

Time plan

Deadline for applications: 15 November 2018, 2 PM CET

Grant decisions: March 2019

Project start: No earlier than April 2019

Further details of the call and how to apply can be found in the files attached below.